HP-DS-06 Shrink Butt Connector

■ Our Heat Shrink Butt Connector is the heat shrinkable tubing made by polyolefin in milk color, with adhesive lining for protecting splices from water and corrosion. We have 4 colors in different size. The product also pass the UL certificate,RoHS certificate,It is popular in Europe and America market.We can supply it in short time,always within 1 week.Please do not hesitate to contact me,we will reply than 1 job day.

Product details

■ Application:
HP-DS-06 the heat shrinkable tubing made by polyolefin, with adhesive lining for protecting splices from water and corrosion. Providing strain relief and against vibration in rugged environment, which completely insulates and protects electrical connections. In the middle of the splice is high pure copper tube, with excellent conductivity property. HP-DS-06 offers long-term performance, easy installation, and a low installed cost, which is more reliable than conventional crimp terminals.
■ Characteristics:
● Shrink ratio 3:1
● Excellent conductivity property
● Excellent puncture resistance performance
● Excellent stretch and mechanical damage resistance
● High elasticity keeps steady performance
● Water proof and moisture resistance
● Operating temperature :-55 ℃ ~ 125℃
● Minimum shrink temperature:80℃
● Minimum fully recovery temperature:130℃

■ Technical Data:

Test ItemCharacteristicsTest condition
UnagedTensile strengthMin. 16MPaRoom temp
AgedTensile strengthMin. 11.5MPa158℃/7 days
ElongationMin. 100%

Voltage withstand and breakdown


Withstand 2.5KV for 1 minute and breakdownRoom temp.
Voltage withstand and breakdown 

Withstand 2.5KV for 1 minute and breakdown at least half of unaged breakdown voltage158℃/7 days
Copper corrosionNo corrosion of bare copper158℃/7 days
Copper stabilityNo sign of degradation Min. Elongation 100%158℃/7 days
Cold bendNo crack-30℃/4 hrs
Maximum secant modulus (2%)250MPa-
Volume resistivityMin. 1014Ω-cm-
Heat shockNo crack250℃/4 hrs

■ Size:

Part No
Butt Splice DimensionsFdColorConductor
D Min.L Nom.
HP-DS-06- Yellow26-24(0.25-0.34)

Other sizes are available upon request.
Standard color: Clear, Red, Blue,Yellow.

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